Threshold Choir members rehearse by singing to each other - hospice singers.
Choir members Karen and Terri share a laugh at rehearsal.

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If you have longed to use your voice in service, can dance in the balance between confidence and humility, and are willing to look at your own and others' mortality, this singing may be for you. Members must be able to sing softly in tune and be able to blend with others. We invite new members each year.

Public Event ~ A Gift of Song November 11, 2017

Are you wondering if Threshold Choir is for you, or just want to relax into the comfort of soothing song? Come experience the music at our bi-annual public event, A Gift of Song, 3:30-5:00 pm at Jewel Heart. We welcome people of all ages and genders who are comfortable listening quietly or joining us in quiet singing. Please arrive a few minutes before 3:30 to settle in. There is no charge.

Location: 1129 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor. Get directions and download the flyer.

Our Frequently Asked Questions provide more information about the choir. If you are interested in joining, How to Join the Choir gives details on this process, which allows us to get to know you and you to find out about us before making a mutual decision about joining.

Pat is our membership coordinator. Contact her at (734) 531-7960 or email her at if you plan to attend one of the introductory meetings or want to explore whether threshold singing might be for you.

current members

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